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Hey there, car enthusiasts! So, you're probably wondering who's the mastermind behind Prestige Mobile Car Valeting, right? Well, let us introduce you to the car whisperer himself – Daniel Wildman. He's not your average car lover; he's the kind of guy who talks to cars like they're his BFFs. And guess what? They listen! With a smile that can light up a parking lot, Daniel's here to turn your car cleaning blues into a symphony of sparkling metal and gleaming tires.

Now, you might think Daniel's just another car enthusiast with a sponge, but oh no, my friend, he's way more than that. He's armed with the prowess of a detailing wizard, the charm of a stand-up comedian, and the dedication of someone who genuinely loves what he does. Whether your car's covered in mystery gunk or just in need of a little TLC, Daniel's got your back – and your bumpers, and your fenders, and every nook and cranny your car has.

Car Care with a Touch of Prestige.

And hey, don't just take our word for it. Our customers swear by Daniel's magical touch, and their cars have never looked happier. So, when you see that signature Wildman smile approaching your driveway, know that your car's about to get the VIP treatment it deserves. It's not just about cleaning cars; it's about creating car artistry. Join us in raising a microfiber cloth to Daniel – the car guru with a heart full of car love and a smile that's brighter than your car's future.

Buckle up, because with Daniel and Prestige Mobile Car Valeting, your car's in for a ride that'll leave it looking so good, even traffic lights will blush.

A Car Prestige Car Valet Makes you happy….Deeply!

Picture this: You're sipping your morning coffee, and suddenly, a wild thought appears – "What if my car could get a spa day?" Enter Prestige Mobile Car Valet, your car's new best friend. We're like a car spa on wheels, and we're here to make your car shine like it's the star of its own reality show.

First off, convenience is our jam. We're the genie that brings the car magic right to your driveway. No more schlepping to a car wash, no more awkward small talk with the neighbor. We roll up, armed with sponges and grins, ready to transform your car's day from drab to fab. And let's not forget the Prestige touch – it's like your car's getting a spa treatment from a master masseuse.

Your Car's Best-Kept Secret.

Now, about quality – we're not here to mess around. We've got the A-team, armed with the finest gadgets and potions. Your car isn't just another vehicle; it's a canvas, and we're the artists. With us, every speck of dust is on notice, every swirl mark is history, and every tire looks like it could win a beauty pageant. And hey, we do it all with a smile that could charm the hubcaps off a car. So, when you're ready for your car to be the talk of the parking lot, we're here, ready to Prestige-fy it like it's starring in its own showbiz spectacular. Your car's about to become the Beyoncé of vehicles – with a hint of our secret sauce, of course.

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Detailing Excellence. Precision, Quality, and Trust.


At Prestige Mobile Car Valeting, we're not just in the business of cleaning cars; we're in the business of crafting perfection. Our commitment to detailing excellence is built upon three pillars: precision, quality, and trust.


Our mobile valeting service is all about convenience. We bring our top-notch services to your doorstep, whether it's your home, office, or that secret lakeside spot where you unwind. No more queuing up, no more wasted time – just pure convenience at your command.


We're not here to merely clean your car; we're here to pamper it. Our skilled technicians are artisans in the world of automotive detailing. We use only the very best quality products and techniques, ensuring your car gets the royal treatment it deserves. From the finest microfiber cloths to carefully selected cleaning agents, every choice we make is dedicated to giving your car the quality it craves.


With years of experience under our belts, we know the intricacies of every car's composition. From the smallest crevice to the shiniest exterior, we approach each vehicle with the precision of a virtuoso. When you entrust your car to us, you're handing it over to true experts who'll orchestrate its transformation with skill and finesse.


Introducing the Prestige touch – where car care becomes an art form. Our commitment to excellence goes beyond expertise; it's about crafting an experience that leaves your car looking and feeling exceptional. From the careful selection of products to the precision in every stroke, we treat your car as a canvas, turning each detail into a masterpiece.


Mini valet

Pre rinse, snow foam wash, body wash and rinse wax shampoo, 2 bucket wash method with micro fibre wash mitt, hand dried using premium micro drying towel, interior & boot area thoroughly vacuumed, rubber mats cleaned, full interior wipe down & dressed using interior detailer spray, windows and mirrors cleaned, tyres shined, wheels and wheel arches cleaned, finished with a spray wax.

Small Car


Medium Car


Large Car




Carpets & upholstery vacuumed, hot water extraction/shampooed, hand polished, air vents cup holders & ashtray cleaned, leather cleaned and treated, windows & mirrors cleaned and polished, interior & exterior plastic and vinyl cleaned & dressed, bug & tar removal, floor mats cleaned, exhaust tips cleaned, exterior rinse, snow foam wash, 2 bucket wash method.

Small Car


Medium Car


Large Car




Engine bay cleaned and dressed, hydrophobic coating, clay bar treatment (removes embedded particles/contaminants in paint leaving a smooth finish) hand polished, surfaces and vents steam cleaned, carpets & upholstery vacuumed, hot water extraction/shampooed, air vents cup holders & ashtray cleaned, headliner cleaned, leather cleaned and treated, windows & mirrors cleaned and polished, interior & exterior plastic and vinyl cleaned & dressed, bug & tar removal, floor mats cleaned, exhaust tips cleaned, exterior rinse, snow foam wash, 2 bucket wash method.

Small Car


Medium Car


Large Car





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With a 100% 5* record here, I guess my expectations were pretty high. Daniel came today and it's true - my 11 year old car feels like it's brand new again!!! Absolutely lovely guy to deal with, and a premium service. Highly recommended A+++

Bill & Wendy Hester

Google Reviews

Brilliant valet and detailing provided by Daniel, he ensures the quality of work is completed to the highest standard. Made my car feel brand new! His customer service is fantastic and he has an excellent work ethic. I highly recommend Daniel, look no further for valet and detailing services.

Sahaj P

Google Reviews

Very happy and satisfied with the valet Daniel has done on my BMW 530i M Sport. He was punctual and produced an exceptional standard of work. Paying attention to detail and very thorough in his approach. He clearly takes pride in what he does and my car now looks like it came straight out of the showroom. I will be using Daniel's services on a regular basis as his level of work and the results are amazing. ☆☆☆☆☆

Bhowansingh Bunwaree

Google Reviews

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Driving Perfection, One Detail at a TimeDriving Perfection, One Detail at a Time.

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